Squeaky's Trip Summary

Post date: Oct 14, 2012 7:49:11 PM

**From the desk of Squeaky**

Dear all,

This trip went great! You all did well. We had our ups and down on the trip--Literally, and with skills as well. What we as a troop need to work on is Tent Takedown. The setting up went fine, I think that you guise just took a little too long to take them down. KP is also something we need to work on. With KP, you don't leave 1 guy to do all the work, it takes four guys,five at the most. One to Scrub, one to Rinse, one to Sanitize, and one or two to dry. That's it. Overall, I think the trip went great, all of the Patrols and the Patrol leaders did a great job. Matthew Ho 1.0 did a good job too, as did the other Junior Leaders. Keep up the good work.

Keep on Squeakin :D

-John "Squeaky" Giordano