April 2018 Camping Notes

Post date: May 02, 2018 12:10:50 AM

Pierce G.

Troop 66

April 23, 2018

Valley Forge

April 2018

Everybody has to learn about Valley Forge in school. However, not many people actually go to visit. From April 20 to the 22nd, Troop 66 went to stay at Valley Forge. Overall, the weather was decent and the camping space was very large. There were many historical monuments that the troop came across during it's 9 mile hike. The younger scouts got to be a little more versed in American history then they would've expected. They also got to use their skills with a map and compass.

As stated above, the Troop went on a 9 mile hike throughout the park. They were able to maintain a very consistent pace while hiking. They also went on an official path throughout the park. Along the hike, they got to see the houses that the troops stayed in. The living conditions we're not that comfortable! The scouts also got to see an Archway monument, with its sister arch located in New York City. Stone monuments were sprinkled along the trail. Many we're dedicated to the lives of the troops that stayed in Valley Forge.

When the troop arrived back, Jack Bland and the junior leaders did a presentation about how to build a good fire for camping and cooking. However, they did not have to use this skill because they cooked on propane. There was also a campfire later that night with some old but classic skits. The next day, the scouts packed up and left. Everyone on the camping trip said they loved the the hike and would do it again.