Adult & Leader Training

All Boy Scouts of America registered adult leaders are required to have completed BSA Youth Protection Training.  In addition, all adults that camp overnight with Troop 66 are asked to complete Boy Scouts of America Youth Protection Training.  This training is valid for a period of 2 years.

Follow the link below to find the training available from the Boy Scouts of America's My Scouting portal.

My Scouting Web Portal

Below are the instructions for applying for the Virtus program for Our Lady of Fatima Parish.  The troop is under the sponsorship of the parish and as such is subject to the volunteer requirements and youth protection program of the Diocese of Trenton called Virtus-Protecting God’s Children. All BSA registered adult troop leaders are required to complete the following items before they will be allowed to serve as volunteers in the parish.

Volunteer Application:

Attached is theVolunteer Application for Our Lady of Fatima Parish.  Print out and complete the application.  After completing and signing the form send it to the attention of Carmela Grace at the address shown on the top of the form.  

Code of Conduct Form:

Attached is the Code of Conduct Form.  Please print this out, sign it and send it back to the parish with your Volunteer Application.

Attend a Virtus-Protecting God’s Children 2 hour training session:

Before this can be done you must first set up a Virtus account on line.  Go to and follow the instructions to set up your personal account.  Somewhere in the process you will be asked for the following information.  

At the end of the process you will be offered an opportunity to take an in person class at a nearby parish in the diocese.  If there are nearby locations offering the class within the next 2-3 weeks that fit your schedule you may want to register for one.  It is titled Protecting God’s Children for Adults. 

If you are not registering for an in-person training session select the ’NO’ button on the web page.  This should end your Virtus account registration and you can sign out.  As an option to the in-person classes, you can complete the Virtus training online.  To do this send your Virtus login username to Carmela Grace at .  Carmela will arrange for the Diocese to send you the link for the online class.  Once you get an email from the diocese you have two weeks to complete the training. 

At the end of the training you will receive a Certificate of Completion.  A copy of this is to be sent to the parish and will be kept in your volunteer file.  You may concurrently register and take the Virtus training, and set up an appointment to get your fingerprints taken.  There is no need to do one first and then the other.

If you have any questions about the Virtus training contact Carmela Grace by email or call her at 732-264-0322 ext. 14. 

Fingerprinting and Background Check:

Attached is a set of instructions explaining how to register and set an appointment for your fingerprints and background check.  The instructions are very detailed.  I suggest you read through the instructions entirely before starting the process.  The one item to remember is to enter the code of TRE 100 when asked for the Contributor Code.  This code is specific to the Diocese of Trenton.  In the Miscellaneous box enter the location ‘Keyport, NJ’.  Make sure that the documentation you specify on the application is the same that you will bring with you to your fingerprint appointment.  You will be asked to make payment at the time and place of your fingerprint appointment.  The total cost is approximately $24.00.  

If you have already been fingerprinted for the Virtus Program contact Carmela Grace and she might be able to reactivate your fingerprint record for review, otherwise you will need to be re-fingerprinted.