Historian Notes: March 2019 Camping Trip

Post date: May 02, 2019 1:59:51 AM

It is the Golden Skillet and 4 patrols are fighting over it. The Golden Skillet is a cooking challenge based on theme or culture. Scoring is based from points on decor, food and presentation. It is March 22, 5:30 pm and there are 25 scouts going. The only bad thing about this camping trip is the two and a half hours drive.

As we got there, we got out of the cars and got into patrol lines. We got split off into lentoos it was very windy so when we got cold and couldn't bare the wind we went inside the lentoos. Around 9:30 pm, we had hot dogs and cocoa. When we were finished, we went to sleep and the Patrol leaders went to a PLC (patrol leader conference). That's when they tell the Patrol leaders what we are doing tomorrow and then they tell the people in their patrol. Everyone was in bed by 10:15 pm.

It was 7am on Saturday when everyone had to be awake and get wood to start the fire. After we ate, we did the dishes and relaxed and wood collected some more then went to the trading post and then played football on the way back. When we got back, we started to cook for the golden skillet after we finished the food we needed to get judged. Then we cleaned the plates and relaxed or got our skits ready. At around 7:30 we had the campfire and then we had the OA ceremony when people got picked to join the OA. Then everyone had cookies and cocoa and then we went to bed around 10:20 pm.

In the morning we used propane to cook and after we ate and cleaned we packed up. The winners of the Golden Skillet were announced. The winners were the Senior patrol. Their theme was Mexican. They made homemade guacamole, salsa with chips, and they cooked chicken and beef fajitas. After we walked up to our cars and then went home.