March 2018 Camping

Post date: Apr 02, 2018 9:53:36 PM

Pierce G

Historian Report 2018

March 20, 2018

March 2018 Camping

Camping at the Horseshoe Scouting Reservation.

Troop 66 went to the horseshoe Scouting reservation March 16 to the 18th. The camping

trip featured a hike (pictured below) as well as the Golden skillet competition. There was only two

patrols as they had to be combined because of how many people want.

The hike was a few miles and the troop was able to see the Mason-Dixen Line (The border

between the Pennsylvania). Members of the troops that went described the hike as rewarding.

They also said that the orienteering course was very helpful. After the hike, the troops started

getting ready for the Golden skillet competition. After hours of cooking and preparing, the

overall winners were the great food patrol. There theme for the Golden skillet winners was an

Indian food theme. The main course was chicken curry rice and broccoli. Their patrols in the

great food patrol were the pop tart and bagel patrol.

Many of the people that want said that they loved the camping trip. The Golden skillet was,

as always, a tough competition. The continuation of this challenge has helped many people learn

how to cook their own meals. The hike was also helpful because of the skills required to hike

along the path. Overall, this camping trip was a success.