Historian report: November 2018 Camping Trip

Post date: Mar 16, 2019 4:36:23 PM

From Friday to Sunday, November 16 to November 18, the troop went on a camping trip to

the Citta scout reservation. It was the same as always with how smoothly camping trips go. Tent

camping and scout skills were staples that happened as always. There were even a few weblos

visiting. But, despite the cold weather, the troop got to engage in numerous fun activities. The

BYOFD (Bring Your Own Frying Desert) made its rounds. That, of course, led to numerous

scouts frying almost every desert possible (Twinkies, Oreos, Cookies, Brownies, Etc).

During the trip, there were numerous other fun activities that the troop engaged in. There

was a knot relay between patrols, which got competitive as many games usually do. There was

also a similar game with a lashing relay. The camp games proved to be popular additions to the

camping trip once again. Overall reactions were very positive of this trip, hopefully we will return