Historian Notes: April 2019 Camping Trip

Post date: May 09, 2019 1:19:35 PM

We left the church at 5:45 pm on April 12th and we would come back at April 14th. It was a two-hour drive to Worthington State Forest. When we got there was no one there because there was a traffic jam the way the others were going, we had to wait hours for everyone to get to the campsite. When everyone got there, we got our ponchos on and got tent boxes and setup the tents in five minutes so they wouldn't get wet on the inside. After everyone set up the tents, we got our stuff and unpacked but some of the tents were so wet that you had to put a tarp inside. We had a troop assembly and then we went to sleep because we were all wet, tried and cold.

We woke up at 7am and started cooking breakfast. The people that were backpacking got their packs ready for the hike. When we were all ready to go hiking we rode to the parking lot for the hike. When we got there, the backpackers split off and went up the Mount Tammany Trail which was 1.5 miles of steep trail to the peak of Mt Tammany. The hikers went on the Pahaquarry Trail which was 1.4 miles long of steep hills and rocks. When we got to the top of the Mountain we had lunch for like 30 minutes and then hiked back down. We took the cars to the campsite and when we got back we were supposed to start dinner. Once we finished we had free time and by 9 pm we had hot dogs and cocoa. Scouts were tired and went to bed around 9:30pm

The next day we woke up at 6 am to get breakfast ready. At 7 am we packed up and were waiting for the backpackers to get back. When they got back we left at 10am.