Nick Tomasello becomes Eagle

Post date: Jul 13, 2012 9:22:6 PM

Nick Tomasello, amazing scout and former SPL, has finished his Eagle Project. Just in time, too, because Nick will turn 18 and age out in January 2012! Let’s go for a brief history of Nick’s Trail to Eagle up to his project.

I joined the troop two years ago, when Nick was about halfway through his year of being SPL. He was a bit intimidating, but he always got the job done. Nick was the best role model I’ve ever had in Scouting. At my second meeting or so, Nick completed his Star Board of Review.

Nick led us through an amazing year, all the way to an epic Forestburg. No one died, so it goes down as a success in my books.

Nick ended his amazing time as an SPL at Jockey Hollow. He went out with a bang, leading us through a ten-mile hike and was Master of Ceremonies at the campfire. And, well, he did it masterfully!

Nick then became a Junior Assistant Scoutmaster, the highest position a scout can hold next to SPL. He went to as many camping trips as possible and earned his Life rank during this time.

Nick then started another year as a JASM, well aware that he had very little time left to get Eagle. He made the November camping trip, woke up in the morning, and promptly contracted hypothermia. Well, at least we know exactly what it looks like!

Taylor, our current SPL, tried to start a “Roast of Nick Tomasello.” Nick was so amazing, no one could think of anything! In my opinion, we didn’t roast Nick. We barely defrosted him.

Then came Nick’s Eagle project. He built an Osprey nest, and the thing was giant! I’m so glad Nick finished one of the hardest things a scout has to do, but he still isn’t there yet! Nick will still have to finish his write-up of the project and then have his Eagle Board of Review. Nick has been an amazing influence, but I think all of us will be sad to see him age out of the troop. Hopefully he can get a position as an adult leader so he can stick around for a bit longer. Three cheers for Nick Tomasello!

UPDATE TO THE STORY, written months later: Nick did finish his write-up and passed his Eagle Board of Review with flying colors! His COH was amazing and he is officially Troop 66’s newest Eagle. We are all proud of him and glad he has accepted a position as an Assistant Scoutmaster in the troop!