Klondike Review

Post date: Jan 26, 2013 6:17:23 PM

So, from what I heard, the Klondike this year was AWESOME.

Dragon Patrol- 1st place in the troop, 3rd overall

Griffin Patrol- 2nd in the troop, 11th overall

Troll Patrol- 3rd in the troop, 26th overall

The Dragon Patrol came in a record-breaking third place, and the Griffins followed pretty closely.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend, but I have stories from people on the Dragon sled and the Troll sled:

Steven O'Keefe, on the Troll sled, said:

"On the Wednesday before Klondike, I was told I would be taking over for Tom Pallato, who had pneumonia, in the troll patrol. I was tentative at first, unsure about my new patrol since I knew little about them. However all my fears disappeared as soon as we started out in our sled on Saturday. Though we had all younger scouts, we still earned 26th place and everyone had a blast. I would like to thank the entirety of Troll patrol for a fantastic Klondike, especially:

Tom Pallato for helping me have such a smooth transition to patrol leader even though he was sick

Ben Pulumbo for his leadership and comedic relief

Matt Lara for his quiet confidence and motivation

Adam Dewis for his strength and ingenuity

Chris Mgacken for his experience and skills

Jonathan Perry for his overall cheerful spirit

Shane Kawlfer for his reliability and obedience

and last but not least

Quinn Poole for his sensibility and outside-the-box thinking"

Brandon Luo, on the Dragon sled, said:

"The Klondike was fantastic!!!! It was fun, yet that was balanced out by the fact that we had to pull a heavy sled from place to place. I am from the Dragon patrol, which came in THIRD! YAY!!!!!!!!! But overall as a troop I think we did really well. Next year we will be sure to get first place! One of the highlights of the day is when we were eating our hot dogs after cooking them in that station. When the counsler there told us we might be able to get the shortest time in cooking, my patrol leader grabbed the last half eaten hot dog from one of the scouts hand, and devoured it whole! That was quite funny and we all laughed quite a bit after that. Overall, I thought the Klondike is one of the highlights of the Scouting year, having been there twice, and I suggest that everyone should go there and have fun!"