Early Swim Test at QHSR June 15, 2019

Post date: May 15, 2019 12:56:49 AM

Every year when we arrive for Summer Camp, scouts take a swim test to evaluate and confirm their ability to safely participate in waterfront activities. This year again, council has given us the option to take our swim test ahead of time at Quail Hill. This allows us to speed up our check-in Sunday morning, and also eliminates the need for the scouts to have swimsuits and towels on them as they haul their gear into camp.

2nd Class and 1st Class ranks have swim test requirements that can be met by this test even if your scout might not attend summer camp.

Our troop’s time​ ​slot for the Quail Hill Swim test is 9:30am on Saturday June 15th at Quail Hill Scout Reservation​. ​

Scouts and Adults that wish to take the early swim test on June 15th should sign-up here. This is just sign-up, no permission form.