Our troop wears a number of activity or class B optional shirts that we have produced a few times a year.  

In addition to our selection of sweatshirts and the red tee shirt, we will also still have a limited quantity of the 60 year veteran unit number patch.   If you already wear khaki unit numerals, you are not required to upgrade to the new veteran unit numbers, but may if you choose.

We will have a design later in the year for our annual summer tee shirt, which we wear as a show of troop solidarity at Forestburg summer camp.
All items are available pending minimum order quantity.  If we can't reach minimum numbers your money will be returned.

Order form should be returned by March 28, 2018.

Veteran Unit Number Patch
$5 each (Limited Quantity)
Crew Neck Sweatshirt
$18 each
Hoodie Sweatshirt
$22 each
Wicking Tee Shirt
$12 each
Zip Front Sweatshirt
$22 each
Knit Hat
$10 each