The Bob Shea Memorial Eternal Ashes
Troop 66 has a yearly tradition to present a first-year scout at summer camp with the Eternal Ashes. The Ashes are poured into the fire at the beginning of the week and collected at the end. It is presented to the scout that has shown the most Scout Spirit and ability to perform their duties, on the condition the scout will return the next year and bring the ashes back with them.

1994 R. Ronchetti
1995 K. Ruck
1996 J. Bolsch
1997 M. Denardo
1998 P. McGrath
1999 J. Leight
2000 D. Acquafredda
2001 T. Kinneman
2002 C. Digiacomo
2003 M. Acquafredda
2004 A. Haase, N. Haase
2005 N. Tomasello
2006 T. Archer
2007 T. Das
2008 M. Ho
2009 J. Giordano
2010 R. Landi
2011 M. Khair-Eldin
2012 S. Ciupinski
2013 S. Harrington
2014 M. Giordano
2015 J. Granat
2016 B. Matlick
2017 A. Tadrous
2018 A. Besculides
2019 H. King